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Resa Haile is the co-editor of the anthology, Villains, Victims, and Violets: Agency and Feminism in the Original Sherlock Holmes Canon. She is putting the finishing touches on a comedy mystery novel set in a world somewhat like ours. She can draw with either her right or her left hand and once won Sumiko Saulson’s Horror Haiku contest. The author of several essays, including an examination of an unreliable confession that may unfairly malign Sarah Cushing in the Sherlock Holmes story, “The Cardboard Box” ("About Sixty: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story Is the Best") and a defense of Violet Hunter, the heroine of "The Copper Beeches" (The Baker Street Journal), Resa has also been published in NonBinary Review and The Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge, as well as the anthology Sherlock Holmes Is Like. She will also appear in the anthologies Sherlock Holmes Is Everywhere and Fourth Wave Feminism on SciFi Fantasy TV. Resa co-founded two Sherlockian societies, the Original Tree Worshippers of Rock County and the Studious Scarlets Society and is working on projects fictional and poetic.
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